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A Quick Update

It's a slide smartphone!
A Multi-Functional MAGiTech Device.

The Thumbnail is fixed. The Post Thumbnail Editor plugin wasn’t working because of Jetpack’s Photon plugin.

The Blog page was being an issue layout-wise but isn’t anymore. The code in the template file for it seems to have been the wrong one, likely due to an interaction with an earlier plugin. I just pasted over the code with the one from Frumph’s blog.php on Github.

I’ve added my Twitter feed to the sidebar and need to figure out how to get the scroll bar to show. I’m also going to manually add Social Media icons using a custom menu widget.

Other than that, the Archive, and some illustration work, I think we’re almost there as far as the site goes.

I haven’t touched my Tablet in ages and it’s starting to drive me a little batty. Expect more drawings later.

Stay Not-Batty, Folks!