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Some Old Drawings of Jake

Queuing Up Old Drawings

I’m gonna be posting scans of old drawings and sketches from my various old sketchbooks and scraps from throughout my collection. I’ll be posting them up Sundays and Wednesdays in sets of 5 until I’m all caught up to only what I’ve done most recently. The sets will mostly be older work for now but I’ll be tossing in a recent sketch here and there.



Jake and His Familiars

Watercolor, 2013

Jake was originally going to meet and contract familiars throughout his adolescence. It was a very manga/shonen-esque concept that would be typical of how I originally imagined writing Jake.

I made this as a “bookplate” for the copy Orbyss Beta that I made for my graduation portfolio at Ai. Plucked and scanned from a watercolor sketchbook and printed onto watercolor stock that I glued into the first page of the book.



Jake’s Flame Study

Markers on Rendr Paper, 2014

This was one of the first times I started playing around with Copic Markers. I was going for something with a definitive Manga look with as few colors I could manage. They’re expensive!



Unfinished Jake Sketch

Watercolor, 2017

This Watercolor sketch is from when I first started playing with Jake’s proportions, deviating from the classic shonen average slim teen stereotype indicative of it’s genre. I became enamored with the idea of Jake growing up to be  the shortest man in the room and owning it.


I’ll ink this digitally later.



Young Jake in Motion (Knocked Back)

Pencil, 2017

Drawn on a scrap, while I was at work where I most certainly shouldn’t have been drawing, is this little sketch of Jake in an off balance motion. Was he knocked back? Certainly! Is he in a fight? Who knows! I was having trouble getting Jake’s pose down in this so I just rolled with the errors and made then part of how he was moving.


I definitely wanna revisit this later.


Angry Muscular Jake

Pencil and Marker, 2018

In the sketch which I definitely didn’t do on a scrap at work, I wanted to play around with giving Jake an imposing presence; an appearance I could use for dramatic effect; or comedic effect in the right context. It’s a challenge to get this strong look out of him when we all know what a shorty he really is. I was mainly focused on his overall shape/physique, but since it was a sketch, I took the opportunity to explore some of his potential expressions. Faber Castell markers are fun over graphite.



Jake and Mallow

Pen and Ink, Digitally Colored, 2012

This was my first time playing with flat coloring. I wanted to try working in a style inspired by some of Katsuya Terada’s Legend of Zelda illustrations. I don’t know that I succeed but I can say for certain that this drawing still informs my style today.



Thanks for looking!