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First Page Inbound

Fahrenopolis Seal-01
Seal of the City of Fahrenopolis, Chaos.

I’m working fervently to get page 1 out as promised. I sorely underestimated how long it would take to draw a first page that’s primarily environments. Then I had to design that little gem up there at the very last minute when I did something that made another thing seem redundant.

That said, the page is all drawn and inked and all I need to do is lay down color and shading. It’ll be done in time for the 7/7 update that I promised on 6/10. I should be able to get another page up near the end of next week before pausing another short while to get some things in order. I figure the least I could do is introduce you to our intrepid hero.

It’s 7/6 so assuming the order of numbers doesn’t change, see you tomorrow!