Happy New Year! 2023 has arrived!

Hello and Happy New Year Dear Readers~

I didn’t want to get too far into the New Year without dropping a little post. 2022 was a very busy year for me, with a lot of personal events popping up here and there. First, here’s a round-up a couple of 2022’s accomplishments.

Banana Planet Co.

Along with the usual responsibilities, I’ve had my hands pretty full with helping to get Banana Planet Co. reopened. Along with being laser cutter operator, I created the majority of the vector art we used for the acrylic jewelry we have listed there. We just wrapped up on our first year of doing local markets. It was a load of fun and we learned a great deal from it all. I think we made quite a splash with all the new stuff we’ve made.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out! There’s a lot of neat stuff available for all you little nerds out there.

Perpetual Mage Punk: Acquaintances

Just in time for the New Year, it's Perpetual Mage Punk: Acquaintances!

Throughout the year, I also continued work on the new comic which I finally posted on the eve of the new year. It was a long process and a lot of hard work. There’s a lot of neat little details that went into this comic. I’m really proud of how it turned out and hope it’s something that can be enjoyed at any depth of read.

Click here to check it out!

Throughout working on PMPA, I recorded a few time lapses of some of the pages in progress. After some editing, I’ll be posting those up along with some accompanying blog entries. I really want to delve into the process of creating Perpetual Mage Punk from script to finish. It changed tremendously throughout working on it and I want to share my experience with other creators.

Setting goals for the new year

New Year New Shoppe

First, these are my main goals for 2023:

  • 32 comic pages (yet again)
  • Getting Ches Star Shoppe up and running
  • Overhauling the gallery page and subsections
    • Putting up more older work
    • Creating New Artwork
    • Writing about said artwork more
  • Blogging more

I originally went into 2022 with the goal of putting up at least 32 comic pages. As of posting Perpetual Mage Punk, I only succeeded in posting 8 of those 32 pages. It was a rough year as they tend to be; but it would go against the spirit of Mage Punk to let it drag me down. This year, I plan to aim for the same goal.

As mentioned before, it was a lot of fun doing markets with Banana Planet Co. The last time I did any shows for Mage Punk Archives was in 2017. I loved it and I learned a lot; but I haven’t been able to do any more shows since then for personal reasons. I’m hoping to do some con and market appearances this year under the Ches Star Shop banner. That said, I hope I can turn things around this year.

Finally, there are a few more changes I want to implement on the site. I did a major overhaul in September that I didn’t really announce and there are more still that I have planned but I’ll go more into that in a separate post.

Keep moving forward in the new year!

I know the years seem to be getting rougher and rougher all the time but I wholeheartedly believe we’ll get through them as long as we stay steady in our resolves. Sometimes, the hurdles we come across are a test of wills more than anything and the most important action we can take is not giving up. That can be difficult when we lose sight of ourselves in the cacophony of events surrounding us. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with everything going on, but as long as we continue to lift each other up and pull each other forward we’ll definitely get where we’re trying to be.

That’s all for now. I wish you all a very happy 2023.

As always, thanks so much for reading,


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