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Here We Go Again…

I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to me!
Alas, poor metal Yorick!

Hello! I accidentally broke the site and all my progress was reverted to a backup from march. Thankfully, it was mostly a lot of cosmetic changes between then and this snafu.

I’ve decided that, as I build the site, I’m going to use the blog portion to sort of log my progress and make notes of things that need to get done. It’ll also serve the function of giving me a proper blog archive to construct and style as I see fit.

Right now I’m re-uploading image files and I’m going to plug them into their places from before. I’m also uploading some older comic pages to work out the comic posting, archiving, and navigation functions that ComicPress has to offer me.

So far, things that I couldn’t get to work are the blog page in the mobile view, and the archive page templates. I’ll keep you posted.

Until then,

Stay Toasty!