It’s a Sun, Last Post of the Year Day: Mage Punk! Young and Old!

Alrighty, everyone! The end of 2018 is upon us and with it comes the time to prepare for the next year soon to come. 2018 has without a doubt been a trying year like the ones before it. It’s been a long year, leaving little room for thinking the next will be any better.

The blind hope that time will eventually yield a better future only leads to despair when the world starts falling to pieces. Unfortunately, the world looks pretty broken already and we can’t trudge along hoping things’ll just magically get better. Pretending that the days ahead wear a different mask from the days behind us, is probably the epitome of failing to learn from history.

Fortunately, most stories that I’ve seen have been of various successes others have had in their 2018. They’ve been about carrying the momentum of those successes into the 2019 year. There are many acknowledgements of the coming difficulties ahead. An awareness that things won’t just suddenly ease up just because the clock strikes 00:00:00 01/01/2019.

There’s no breaks between 00:00:00 and 00:00:01 and 00:00:02 and that’s simply the crux of time’s unrelenting flow. The important thing is finding your way of flowing with it. I’m gonna do my best.

I didn’t intend to be so wordy on the matter but I was writing last week’s Christmas post and got a little carried away. So without further adieu, capping off our year is:

Mage Punk; Young and Old

Look at them! Jake is always tiny no matter his age!
Keeping to Young Jake’s general silhouette, I wanted to get a feel for the difference in Jake’s height and level of detail when he grows up. He doesn’t grow very far vertically.

That about wraps things up!

How nice is it that I got to end the year with a nice little Sunday post? What better way to leave a year behind than with a display of youth and age, side by side. I’m sure some of you are using today to try to relax before the new year starts rolling in. I mentioned earlier that time doesn’t take breaks between the seconds. The clock strikes 12:00:00 12:00:01 12:00:02 no need for commas. How appropriate that the year starts on a Twos Day. Even more appropriate that Day 2 of the year 2019 is a Wednesday.

I said time was unrelenting.

Me and my big mouth.