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Last Wed Nes of the Year: Best Boy’s Day to Shine

Happy Holidays, everyone! December has been a real emotional roller coaster but we did it. We’ve made it to Christmas! Oh, what fun! To that end, I’ve decided that since this week’s Wed Nes is literally right there next to Christmas on the calendar, it wouldn’t hurt to post it up a day early.

I present to you, my drawing for Inktober’s Jolt Prompt;

Olin “Slick” Calhoun!

Not in his usual outfit, I wanted Slick to have a less intense presence or mood from Jake in the previous drawing. Despite appearances, they’re both a couple of goofballs.

The initial draft; a treasure of it’s own!

I originally planned on coloring Slick traditionally like I wanted for Jake but I think I’ll be doing that digitally here as well.

All in all I think he came out successfully. I definitely wanna take an airier approach to his appearance the next time I draw him and I can’t wait to draw his next pair of kicks. I normally try not to think too hard about footwear while I’m designing characters, opting to focus on appearance as a whole; but for Slick, I think I’ll make some exceptions.