The Beginning of Interstellar Mage Punk

One day while listening to Disasterpeace’s Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar on the train to work, I was inspired to create my own Interstellar Space Opera kind of story.

The idea was that I would take characters that were created for other stories on Orbyss and re-imagine them as descendants or futuristic reincarnations of themselves. The buxom babe in the drawing here is a combined reincarnation/descendant of Chloe and Jake, too far in the future to say for certain what her relation to them actually is.

The theme was something like “what if Mage Punk was a high fantasy space opera?”

This was originally a side project that has since spun out into its own thing and ultimately changed the way I want to approach the curation of these Mage Punk Archives.

You can see the final result of this little bit over in the Archives section. Check it out!

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