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Mundane Moonday I; On Wednesday: Work Logs I

I was going to post this on Monday yesterday, but The Universe ™ did everything that it could to stop me; sure enough, it succeeded.

Earlier this year, I made an attempt at logging the actual time that I’m able to work on projects. I think I was doing a fairly decent job until before the task fell by the wayside. 

I initially kept up with the logs by hand before I switched over to a now long-ish note in Google Keep. I’ve posted them below starting with most recent logs at the top.

The format is:
[Start Time]
[End Time]
[Reason for stopping (Not always logged)]

The drop off in log activity coincides with a some events in my life that occurred this year. I’ll try logging my time again soon; looking into different apps until I find something I’m satisfied with. If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below.