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I’m not very good at posting on social media; or posting online in general. In fact, you might even say that I’m bad at it. In my previous post, I mentioned posting online and some of the pitfalls I encounter when trying to do so. As a “millenial”, I grew up during the early days of the modern internet and technology boom that occured from the 90s to today. Internet forums, (early) DeviantArt, Geocities and Angelfire, and other disparate forms of web platforms were the norm for presenting your work online. Somehow it was both simpler but also chaotic all at once. There was so much potential. Compared to the way things are today, it felt like an internet Golden Age.

Then, in the late 2000s/early 2010s, smartphones emerged. Shortly after there was a boom in social media and mobile devices as a person’s access to the online world. Social Media became the norm. Those sites were the place to post your work online if you wanted it to be seen. Then algorithms took root and a bunch of other stuff made the internet feel like a real mess.

As of writing this post, I have two Instagrams (@MagePunkArchives and @TablesMesa), two Twitter accounts (@MagePunkArchive and @TablesMesa), a Facebook page, Tumblr blog, Fur Affinity, Deeeviant Art(?), Pillowfort, and possibly others that I’m forgetting. To be honest, just listing these out and linking to them was stressful enough on its own. (The only reason I even went through all the effort is that my SEO plugin is insisting that I add outbound links; and I crave that tiny bit of dopamine that comes from getting the little green dot of approval )

Posting online used to feel a lot more fun than it does now;

But then, maybe this is more of a me than it is an internet problem. Even in the earlier days of when social media came to be, I was only a little better about being online than I am now.

I have to figure out how to make posting online fun for me again. It’s easy to blame the internet and say that it’s too different from what I grew up with. But that way of thinking is a slap in the face to one of the major themes of my story: change. I have to transform myself and adapt to the way things have become. Sitting around whining that things aren’t what they used to be is stupid. I can’t stand people who waste their breath with that line of thinking. So why am I sitting here doing exactly that? The answer is that I’m not being the best version of me that I know I’m capable of being. Gotta be me at full throttle! I’ll show you what I mean by that in due time. In the meantime…

Thanks for reading!

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