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It’s only been a month since my last post

Somehow though, it feels like it’s been forever. We’re only a month into the year and as usual, things have been a little busy. As such, it’s been a bit difficult to keep up with the workload I’ve created for myself. It could have to do with the fact that I insist each page have a fully detailed environment in it. But I could be wrong. After all, I’m also forced to work a full time job to evade poverty. With something like that weighing on me, it’s difficult to scrounge the time and energy that I need.

Thankfully, I’ll be taking a vacation from work next week. I’ll be able to use that extra time to finish more Mage Punk related work.

It’s a bit depressing if you think about it.

Thank you capitalism.

If I had a month, who knows how much I could get done?

I’m trying to introduce readers to a fictional world that my partner and I are building from scratch (sorta). It feels really important to me that there be environments that can help anchor this world as a believable place. As I get to introduce readers to more of Chaos City and Orbyss in general, I’ll take it easier on the environments and focus more on character focused pages.

Not that I don’t love doing the enviromental drawings, but it’s a major drag wanting to tell a story only to get bogged down by having to spend so much time on so much detail on a single page. Especially when I have so little time as it is. The next page after the one coming up has one more big set piece and after that the rest of this chapter will be mostly character interactions.

Seven days of not a real vacation.

As mentioned, next week I’ll be going on a week long vacation from work. I’ll be using this time to focus on Mage Punk and another project. That project being the creation of the main Orbyss Archives website. This’ll include converting Mage Punk into a networked site and making it easier to create other sub-sites. I want to try doing less labor intensive side projects that I can use as a way of publishing content more frequently. One of these projects being a chronicle of the antics one might get up to while working retail in a large magic shop; something that I think will be a great way to introduce people to the kinda people one might meet in Orbyss.

Another of these projects will be building a proper portfolio site for myself. I want a place to publish and display anything I might do that isn’t related to Orbyss Archives; although it’ll still be linked to the Orbyss Archives main site.

In the meantime I think I do a fairly decent job of staying active on social media. I’ve been absent here but I don’t neglect the internet at my finger tips. I just recently started bombarding Instagram with sketches from old sketchbooks that I started since graduating from college. You can catch the links to those below:

I’m not patient enough for the pace I work.


Til next time,

Thanks for reading

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