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This Site Isn’t Dead Yet!

MP 1-5 Jake Is happy to see you!

I’m not dead yet either!

This month has been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. What little time I’ve had for Mage Punk has unfortunately been scarcer than usual. At the very least I’ve managed to spend the brunt of my free time thumbnailing the rest of chapter one. MP 1-5 is definitely on the way sooner rather than later and I’m hoping November treats me better than October did.

Additionally, I’ve made a few minor updates to the site. I’ve added graphics for the subheadings on the front page. There’s some actual info on the About page, though I have to rewrite it a bit. I also want to add some info about Orbyss Archives and yours truly. Eventually I want to add a Profiles page for character and location info; and a gallery page for showcasing artwork and graphics.

Suffice it to say that this site wasn’t at 100% when I released it. But I was so excited to put it out and I always feel so excited thinking about it! I just can’t wait to show you guys what I have in store! That said, I’ll leave you guys with a teaser for the next page.

MP 1-5 Preview

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