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Some Drawings for Wednesday: Chloe and Company

Some drawings that I’ve made but never posted. The Very Pierced Chloe is definitely from this year but the others are from awhile back in no particular grouping or order. Enjoy!

A slightly older, more pierced, Chloe Elfrain.

Above: Sketches of Yuuwaku, Rei Crescendo, Sol and Lancet, Lancet Again, and some Graphics.

From Left to Right going down: Style Study (me in Blue, mysterious artist in Red); Chibi Chloe proportions doodle; Faber-Castell swatch tests; Blank Ink Pen Sky Castle Doodle; Air and Miscellaneous Forces Doodle; Micron Swatch Hatching; Little Chloe Fro Doodle

If the Artist that doodled that cutie at the top at a Blick Art Materials in Miami once please message me or leave a comment below so I can link you here. I really liked your style~