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Sun, Day of Dylan’s Daydream Doodle

For today’s post, I present a little flow of consciousness drawing that I did. It’s the first page of the brand new sketchbook that I’d bought. A little icebreaker, if you will. The whole point of a sketchbook is to scratch away at those ideas itching around inside your head. Consider a sketchbook your starting point for bringing those ideas to fruition and draw away. It may even make it easier to pick and choose which ideas and trains of thought to pursue in earnest.


Basically, I wanna do this page again from scratch, BUT COOLER.
Partway through drawing this, it started to look like it would make a decent comic page so I tried adding some kinda narrative element between Jake and Dylan. I may come back to this in some form in the future.

It’s much bigger than the smaller 5×8 Moleskine sketchbook I’ve gotten used to drawing in since I finished college and those 8.5×11/9×12 blackbooks stopped being a basic life requirement. Jake and Dylan are my way of exploring that age old hero/rival dynamic. This was a fun exercise in exploring their relationship.