This drawing isn’t necessarily old but it is from earlier in the year so it’s not the most recent thing in the world either. I have a few stacks of drawings lying about my desk of stuff I’ve scribbled out throughout the year. I’ve finally made some time to shoot, edit, and upload a few photos of some of them.

Instead of putting them up in one massive post, I wanna queue them out on an update schedule I’ve already failed to abide by on several occasions. I’ll describe said schedule in a later post.

For now, please enjoy this maniacal looking Jake that I drew.


If I ever came back to this I'd probably paint over and redraw his head in the middle. I wasn't using paint markers like I do currently. [12:16 AM 12/16/18]
Started drawing with ballpoint pen again so I wouldn’t be able to back out of any design choices that I made. Historically, I think I’ve always been pretty bad about “filling the page”.

and some close-up shots because who doesn’t love details shots?

Since a simple upward pointing triangle is the alchemical symbol for fire, I filled some empty space with them. Stars were for fun.
Playing around with his expression. Jake is a kid with sometimes angry eyes and an unwavering smile. 
Experimenting with a hand drawn title logo design.
His Arm! That Flame! Triangles everywhere, oh my!
Anatomy practice with Jake’s exceptionally short arm. I really like how this came out.
I got to thinking about a name I could use if I had to stop using Mage Punk for some unforeseen and implausible reason
The whole time I scratched away at this, I couldn’t decide between drawing Jake’s hair or drawing the flames around his head. In the end, I think it came out pretty cool.

All in all, not a bad sketch.

I really like the two drawings on the bottom. On the left, I stumbled upon what I was going for while one the right, I got what I was going for on purpose.