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A belated November post. Better late than never…

In the blog section for a comic post from last October (2017), I mentioned a big update/post planned for November. The original plan was to put up a post featuring some of the works I created for Inktober of 2017. Unfortunately, November (my birth month) went by without a word from me.

For a while, I succeeded in keeping up with Inktober’s tight deadlines; but I was dissatisfied. I got off to a rocky start, daunted by the ages-old question of “what the FUCK do I draw?”

Then, a week into Inktober, I came across 2pblog‘s own super gorgeous Inktober illustrations.

They reminded me of Katsuya Terada’s old Legend of Zelda illustrations, whose style I sought to emulate and adapt into my own before I finished college. Having found a niche that I was comfortable drawing in, I tried to create a few illustrations of Mage Punk scenes along similar veins as theirs. Taking up, at most, half of a 5″x 8″ sketchbook page, they were meant to be small illustrations that I could finish in a timely manner.

Neuroticism is a Terrible Hubris

Despite their small size, my drawings still proved to be a little too ambitious. Inktober’s daily deadlines and my own tight schedule made a tiring combination. The plan was to finish the pen and ink line art in October; then, color them in that first two weeks of November. Ultimately, I only managed to finish 17 of the 31 planned drawings for the month. Colors were done in December. The holiday season wore me down until I was unable to work on much of anything at all.

I kept fairly active on Twitter and Instagram, where first I posted the colored illustrations after finishing them; but that was about the most that I could manage at the time. I was still proud.

You can see the rest of these drawings in the new Gallery page! Check em out!


Then, November was over and suddenly, it was 2018.

The 18th year of the Third Millennium began with a few miscellaneous drawings here and there. I worked to get back into the flow of drawing regularly. I also began wrapping up work on some revisions for the comic pages that had already been posted on this site. Chipping away at my goals for the year was a slow going process, but everything was going smoothly otherwise.

In February, I’d taken some time off work to take photos of the buttons I was selling at  last yevarious consar. Along with a little research, I was starting prep for opening on online store and it’s possible that I over value presentation. I thought the photos looked pretty neat.

My phone dropped dead on me a few weeks ago.

As suddenly as that sub-headline, Phillip Mk V (my phone) just shut off on me and wouldn’t turn back on; And preparations for opening up a proper online shop were suddenly derailed because I didn’t have my phone automatically backing photos up into a cloud.

There were still other tasks that needed doing towards opening the shop but, disheartened by my loss, I instead began work on what would eventually turn out to be the finishing touches on this website.