Thor’s Day. A Little Effort, Please??

I didn’t actually prepare anything new for today because I thought it’d be nice to skip out on the last Thursday of the year. In case you have trouble reading the year on my crappy signature down there, this is from 2017. I took an hour or two out of some day to crank these out.

This about sums up my feelings regarding the fine art. Nevermind that these Throwback posts coincide with the Thursdays that I don’t get paid on. A little resentful, sure, and my feelings haven’t actually changed all that much since I drew it, sure, but…

…I’ve got nothing. But I do want to explore this again at a later time though. So there’s that at least!

Edit: For all my efforts, I just realized that I put this Thursday post up on a Friday. So that’s been my week.