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Throwback Thursday: 1 and 5 Years?

Let’s try posting a few of these on a biweekly basis. It’s no exaggeration to say I’m disastrously behind on my posting game so this is an attempt at turning a weakness into an advantage. Let’s see how it goes.

From 1 year ago

I was feeling out some brush tip sharpies a la prima on a scrap piece of ½” thick foam board. I did a finished version on Bristol shortly after but I can’t find it anywhere!

And here are some sketchbook pages from 5 years ago.

I started this sketchbook shortly after graduating AIFL. I’ll mostly be posting from this book for a good while.

Some stream of consciousness blurb about the beginning of Existence, Jake’s Mom, and a very squiggly and angry goomba.
Some more squiggles and Private Investigator Kandi “Jack” Nobel.
Feeling out the Mage Punk logo the good old fashion way.

Planning Ahead

While putting this post together I started thinking about going through my old books and divying out pages from them throughout every other Thursday next year starting from the first. 

It’s entirely possible I’m overthinking my Thursdays but that probably just means that overthinking is really my aesthetic. Unfortunately, my room is a mess and until that mystery is figured out, I think I’ll just queue up posts and hope for the best.