Maps of the Void

These initially began as a exercise in using various drawing media such as ink liners, brush pens, markers, and watercolors. The goal of each drawing was to capture or ” map the natural flow of the blank drawing surface” hence; Maps of the Void.

These drawings also have a secondary goal of channeling anxiety or working through an art block. Each map begins with a single mark of a pen. The next marks are made in response until eventually the map is “complete”. Without an objective goal, each drawing is tackled using reactionary artistic muscle memory with little thought towards “what to draw”. This is similar in approach to the ever-elusive Ches ★ Star.

Like the clouds in the sky, these Maps of the Void can take on a different appearance depending on the angle they’re viewed at. When viewing them from your phone or tablet, turn them around and see what shapes or other images you can find while gazing into these tiny portions of the Great Void. If you’re viewing these on you PC you can try flipping the monitor, but be very careful if you do.

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