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Mage Punk Archives is a collection of writings, art, comics, and other miscellaneous items. Together, they attempt to weave a candid tale of the delicate patterns of the universe and the unbreakable love holding it all together.

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  • On the subject of posting online and social media
    I’m not very good at posting on social media; or posting online in general. In fact, you might even say that I’m bad at it. In my previous post, I mentioned posting online and some of the pitfalls I encounter when trying to do so. As a “millenial”, I grew up during the early days of the modern internet and technology boom that occured from the 90s to today. Internet forums, (early) DeviantArt, Geocities and Angelfire, and other disparate forms of web platforms were the norm for presenting your work online. Somehow it was both simpler but also chaotic all… Continue reading On the subject of posting online and social media

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