Presented on this page are the many characters found throughout various stories and other miscellanea in these archives. Due to the nature of how the universe unfolds, these characters are presented here without context or chronology.

You can view their individual sections if you’d like to learn more about them.

(Actually, their individual sections are currently under construction. Sorry!)


Jake Fox

The hero of the story. Though not the most powerful or smartest mage, he’s built like a small boulder and packs quite the wallop. Despite his usual foolishness, he can be rather observant and clever at times. Jake’s boisterous and unrestrained personality uplifts those around him when he’s fired up.

Chloe Elfrain

The most powerful mage that ever lived. Chloe loves acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others. She has a relaxed, down-to-earth personality and the depth of her vessel is matched only by the depth of her immense power. Her family owns the Elfrain Shoppe which has been around for centuries.

Olin “Slick” Calhoun

Slick is a multifaceted individual who’s well-versed in the use of magic and has a strong affinity for technology. Although he’s certainly no pushover, Slick prefers using his wits to get out of sticky situations. Failing that, he’s not above resorting to trickery, flirting, or other dumb shenanigans if necessary.

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