Collected here are stories, writings, and other miscellanea concerned with the various characters, places, and things found throughout these archives of a world called Orbyss.

Please explore to your heart’s content.

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Beyond this point is the story of a universe

set forth from beginning to end

though not in order of time.

Some notes shake up the Void which gets bored of the excitement immediately. This gives way to a great YAWN that begins the conversation between You and I.

As The Void silently slips into a deep slumber…

You and I create the Universe together.

From this point on, there’s nothing more to worry about;

No matter what happens, you’ve already seen

what The End of the World really looks like.

A Flame burns without a care for the past or future.

It shines warmly in the present, lighting the way

for those who may be lost in darkness.

The Nephilim of Meridiem

“Holy crap! Do you see that?!”

It is widely rumored around Orbyss, that the ghosts of Ancient Nephilim can be spotted haunting the skies over Meridiem. Not much is really known about these unfortunate, miserable creatures.

Though they appear as giants aimlessly lumbering about far in the distance, these colossal beings are actually very nearby. They tower well above the clouds aloft. Hidden under cloak and mask, their true forms are unfathomable.

Some say that you should never look a Nephilim directly in the eye. For if a Nephilim should catch your gaze, it will spirit you away to somewhere far beyond the stars high above.

Together in darkness.

. . .

The End

…for now