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Bowsette: Sexy Princess-King of the Koopas

Normally, I’m not the kind of person to follow trends. Especially when it comes to art memes on social media. But during that Bowsette craze awhile back, I couldn’t help but try my hand at drawing her. One little comic featuring the Super Crown caused so much pandemonium online. The mania that swept the internet in the matter of days since her conception was insane. I can’t get over how hilarious and cool of a concept it is.

So many implications.

For my Bowsette, I wanted to try something a little different. Most Bowsettes are basically Peach in a sexy Bowser costume. While keeping her sexiness intact, I wanted the King turned Queen of Koopas to still look tough and monstrous. Like her namesake, I wanted her to be very heavyset and strong. The kind of monster girl that can pick you up and play with you like you’re her toy. Bowser’s own size can vary with context. So for this Bowsette I wanted to play with the idea of her being huge.

4 different Bowsette sketches on one sheet of paper.

Bowsette Sketch Page

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to do a finished drawing. Instead, I took pen to paper and just sketched out whatever came to mind during my register shifts. As I mentioned, I did want my Bowsette to be a bit more faithful to Bowser’s original design. Rather than just being a Princess Peach in a sexy Bowser teddy and sharp teeth. King Koopa can be very intimidating and imposing, depending on the context. I really wanted to capture that here and make her more of a sexy monster girlfriend.

Left side of the sketch page featuring a Bowsette close-up portrait and bust.

A more body-positive Bowsette

I started off with a simple portrait sketch in the upper-left to get a feel for her character. Round faced. Pug-nosed. Feisty. Hair brushed back. Everything Bowser would be if he were the princess. It’s entirely possible to have heavily masculine features and still be very pretty and feminine. My biggest concern with this sketch is that a mainly just looks like a slightly feminized, human Bowser. I needed more Peach in the mix to get the full effect that I was going for.

On the next sketch, on the lower-left, I focused less on her face and more on her other …assets. Many artists were sticking pretty close to the original Bowsette design. Thin, white, blonde. Your “typical” Princess Peach design. However, Bowser is a strong, fat koopa. Similarly, I wanted my Bowsette to be a very thick woman. Heavy set and muscular but also very boobily. The goal here was to make her sexy but also capable of crushing boulders to dust between her massive cleavage. I tried to show a little more personality in her expression with this one. I’m really fond of that little flame on her tongue.

Right side of the sketch page featuring another Bowsette close-up portrait and a little sketch of a gigantic Bowsette holding up a tiny Princess Peach.

Bowsette as a character

For the drawing in the upper-right, I did another bust sketch. I wondered what would a more abbreviated version of this design might look like. So I tried to focus on her more reptilian features without going too in-depth on the details. I wasn’t thinking super hard on this one and I think it shows in her expression. It’s not super visible here but I also tried to see how my Bowsette would look with a high ponytail.

Of all these sketches, I think my favorite would probably have to be the one on the bottom-right. The one where she’s holding a tiny Princess Peach in her humongous hands. I like every inch of this drawing. If I made any of these sketches into a finished illustration, it would probably be that one. It just feels like there’s so much to play around with for a finished piece.

A few bonus Bowsettes that I doodled on scraps

Before doing that big sketch page, I did these little bite-sized drawings during one of my shifts at the store. The last one is my favorite of these. The size difference between Bowsette and Peach is so much fun. I kind of like the idea that Bowser can just change his massive size at will. And so maybe, Bowsette can also be whatever size she feels like. Petit Princess? Massive Monster Girlfriend? Bowsette can be whatever she wants. It’s Magic!

That’s basically it. Since the original Bowsette started making the rounds, so many other Super Crown forms have popped up. Boosette, Chompette, Goombette… Just put a Super Crown on them and -ette at the end of a Bowser minion’s names and they’re Peachified. Bowsette herself was fun but I’m eager to see what I can do with all the other baddies.


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