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Bowsette: Sexy Princess King of the Koopas

Normally, I’m not the kind of person to hop on trends. Especially when it comes to art memes on social media. But back during that Bowsette craze awhile back, I couldn’t help but try my hand at drawing her. The mania that swept the internet in the matter of days since her conception was insane. I can’t get over how hilarious and cool of a concept it is. So many implications.

For my Bowsette, I wanted to try something a little different. Most Bowsettes are basically Peach in a sexy Bowser costume. While keeping her sexiness intact, I wanted the King turned Queen of Koopas to still look tough and monstrous. Like her namesake, I wanted her to be very heavyset and strong. But I also wanted to make her voluptuous like the many shapely Bowsettes that were popping up.

This was probably one of those early ballpoint drawings that started my descent from pencils.
Her design was a lot of fun to play with. Everyone was so excited all it once to draw this Koopa Princess Queen.
The goal here was sexy but also can crush boulders between her thighs.
Look! A Date! (9/30/18)
I imagined she was easily angered but also probably really flirty.

Some bonus scratches on some scrap that was lying about.

Not bad in the end.

But will I ever do a finished drawing of her? Who knows! Fan art isn’t  really my strongest suit but I’ll see if I can crank something nice out in the future. When I do get around to it, this is pretty close to what she’ll look like from me.