Hurricane Ian is Quickly Approaching Us

Hello dear readers,

I just wanted to take a moment to chime in with a quick post while I still have internet. As of typing this, Hurricane Ian is making a beeline from the Gulf of Mexico and is on course to tear through Central Florida where yours truly currently resides. Things have been a bit busy at work and with this hurricane fast approaching it has not gotten any easier. Regardless, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least attempt to write at least ONE post this week.

Changes to the Archives

I feel like it’s worth mentioning that I’ve made a few updates to the site since my last post. In particular, I’ve added a few subsections to the Archives page. They’re still mostly under construction but I’m working hard to get more content up for them. The sections are Characters, Places, and Things. I’m considering a 4th section for certain expositive things like legends, myths, or folklore that don’t necessarily have a narrative element to them; or don’t fall into either of the aforementioned categories. Right now, only the character page has a few profiles in it but I’ll have more up soon. I’m still getting a feel for how to organize the content I post up in the Archives section; but for now I’m fairly content with how it is.

A little bit about me

Just your typical gender queer monitor-head robot

After years of putting it off, I’ve finally gone and revised my artist’s bio in the About page. There was so much word vomit. SO. MUCH. WORDS. It was mind-numbing! I had a lot more information in previous drafts that I really wanted to share but I didn’t want to overload that page with a wall of text about ME. My target audience may be a bit more on the niche side of things but I still had to be selective about what I shared. In the end, I think I managed to narrow it down to the more important stuff.

With regards to the other information on that page, I’m having a little more trouble trying to sum up and explain a little about Mage Punk Archives as a whole. But no worries! I’ll have that revised and updated soon enough.

A little drabble about GIANT GHOST GIANTS

I wrote a little drabble based on this drawing that’s been sitting in the gallery since maybe 2017. For many reasons, this piece was very pivotal in me figuring myself out as an artist. This was my illustration for Inktober 2017 Day 10‘s prompt: Gigantic. I actually have a whole comic planned for this particular story. However, for now I just wanted to write at least a little something that makes use of this drawing as an illustration. That said, I thought a little drabble that follows both the art and original prompt would be appropriate.

OKay, so technically speaking, a drabble is meant to be a full story clocking in at 100 words or less. Beginning, middle, end, plot, yadda yadda. Unfortunately, I’m still sharpening my skills in the brevity department of storytelling. So for now, I hope you’ll enjoy this little bit of exposition that I’ve added to the Archive section. At the very least it’s only 100 words.

Aside from all that…

I’ve made several other big changes to the site over the last couple of weeks. I haven’t wanted to dedicate a whole post to talking about it because I’m trying to veer away from spending too much time on site-building and talking about site-building. The short version of it is that I’ve switched the whole site theme over from ComicPress to Button 2. As ComicPress does comprise a large chunk of my experience with this website, I do want to write more on this one day. It is important to me but for now, that’s staying on the back burner. In addition to that I’ve been creating new graphics to overhaul the website’s look and free me up to focus on actually posting to the site.

That’s it for now

Hopefully the coming storm turns out to be just a lot of wind and rain. As a native Floridian, I’m fairly used to and somewhat desensitized to hurricanes. However, I just learned that there’s a Waffle House metric for determining how serious a hurricane really is and I think it might track. Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading~


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