VVoid Wed NES: Set 1

Welcome to a very special edition of your regularly scheduled Wed Nes Day!

A while back, while attempting to make headway on some project, I was cursed by creative block; as my kind tends to be from time to time. Nothing special; the usual unrealized creative exhaustion that comes at seemingly arbitrary times. My inability to put thought to paper was both maddening and frustrating. I could spend a paragraph ruminating over the little details and all the possible causes; but the short and sweet is that I wanted to draw but my soul just wasn’t having it. So I gave up.

Map of the Void #1

Staring into the blank scrap of paper before me, I picked a spot, and put brush to paper. Only this time, I wasn’t really trying to draw anything; I just wanted to practice pure technical skill with the tools I had on hand at the time. I started with one mark; then another; and another; I worked until the sheet was “complete” and no more marks were needed.

I thought it looked pretty cool in the end, so I attempted another.

After the first few, I approached these without the mentality of trying to draw anything in particular; I was simply practicing technical skill with my favorite drawing tools.

Map of the Void #10
For those of you that appreciate a vague sense of scale.

I honestly really dislike abstract art on it’s own. Too many so called “artists” use the term “abstract” to describe their art in place of ever actually developing any real art skills; and it’s demeaning to those artists that work hard to really improve in their craft. That said, Abstract art has tons potential as a design element in practical applications as well as in therapeutic uses for people with anxiety.

For someone with artist block it can be a good way of channeling unfiltered creative energy into something productive when your hands will let you do little else.

That’s it for this set! I was originally only going to post 5 in this first set but since Void begins with V and VVed Nes has TWO V’s in it I opted for the 10. You can catch a new set of these here every 5th Wednesday this year on the gap between night and morning.

The Void hour if you will.