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Isometric Perspective is Chewier than Anticipated

Isometric Perspective WIP

Isometric Perspective Proves More Difficult Than Originally Believed.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I originally intended the next page to be a simple exchange of dialogue between characters. Then, I decided it would also be a great opportunity to show more of Fahrenopolis. Inspired by classic RPGs, using an isometric perspective seemed like a great way to focus on texture and color; particularly, Fahrenopolis’ affinity for brick and mortar masonry. It also seemed like a fun way to move the characters through the city. Since an isometric perspective is uniform in all directions, it’s easier to draw than a scene with a traditional view. Unfortunately, even though it’s an easier perspective, extra attention has to be paid to rendering all the extra little details.

Anyway, I’m working on it now. I ended up in a heck of a slump last month and progress fell to the wayside. With that in mind, if you ever come to the site and wonder, “where the heck is this guy??”, I’m pretty active on social media. Twitter especially. Tumblr sometimes. I often produce gems like this:


If you ever get tired of me not ranting in your feed about things or want to know if I’ve abandoned all hope, follow me.

With that, I leave you to build my city; brick by brick apparently.


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