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Using perspective to make this building look huge

You can get a lot done in 30 minutes with good references and Clip Studio‘s perspective ruler. Currently working on getting the next MP out soon. We finally get to see the Final Flame’s headquarters. Pictured is a sketch of said building and a photo that I used for reference. I don’t actually know about the building pictured in the photo. While searching for references, this was closest to what I imagined in my mind for FFHQ. I want the whole building to have this feeling of The Flame just picking any old large building and turning it into their home.

I’m currently struggling with using a normal 2-point perspective to get the sense of scale for this building. No matter what I try, it just looks much smaller than what I want for it. Many art tutorials you find online will probably tell you that adding variation to an environment will help in establishing scale. Of course this is true, but there’s a but more to it than that.

Perspective and scale are just a small part of it

I can pepper the area with smaller objects to make the building look larger but that doesn’t mean that it feels big. But maybe I can flip the script and use my struggle to my advantage. Sometimes you don’t realize how large a structure is until you finally get close to it. Sometimes, a structure just looks small from further away. So maybe I can use the following page/s to look at it from different perspectives and try to invoke a certain sense of awe.

Drawing the exterior is okay but it’s the inside of the structure that I’m excited to show off. I should try to avoid getting too realistic with it and just exaggerate the vast enormity of the place. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We shouldn’t let our minds wander inside before we’ve actually walked in through the front doors. But first, I should probably actually draw the front doors! Hah! All in due time, dear readers.

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