On the subject of Posting Online and Rambling Thoughts

Whenever I attempt to write anything, whether it be for social media, this website, or even a script, I have habit of rambling on and on and on before I realize that I’ve been rambling for paragraphs on end. I’ll clack away at the keyboard, putting down thoughts from brain to fingertips. On and on, I’ll type with little regard for the length of text.

Sometimes, I’ll find myself investing time into trying to use strange or flowery language. Attempting to give my words a certain tone or cadence that’s unlike the way that I actually speak in person. I try to be more direct when I can but that doesn’t come as naturally unless I’m being curt. Rambling thoughts come to me easily. Whenever I write passionately about something, trying to be more succinct or cut my thoughts down feels like going against the grain.

It may be no surprise that I was probably diagnosed with ADHD as a child. I say probably because my mother wasn’t direct about the nature of what I later realized were most likely therapy sessions. According to her, I was briefly on “some medication” until she took me off it out of fear of the side-effects I was apparently experiencing. Though I remember the “therapy” very clearly, I don’t remember taking any medication such.

Am I rambling right now? Well, let’s bring it back.

Whenever I write anything, be it social media post, blog entry, or even a story draft, I sometimes go on and on and on before I realize that I’ve been rambling for paragraphs on end. I’ll mindlessly clackity away at the keyboard until suddenly a whole thesis. In my frustration, I often ended up scrapping everything and putting out something half-hearted.

In in the past, I’ve thought of how to break this habit and spend less time rambling in my posts. However, recently I’ve begun to believe that maybe I should try for the opposite. Trying not to ramble or vent on this blog for the sake of maintaining an “identity” feels at odds with what I am. Instead, I should be unafraid of rambling and just let my thoughts and feelings run rampant on the page. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to make each post here thesis length. Long texts can be difficult for some people to take in at once. Myself included; and so I want to work within some kind of middle ground.

At the moment, that middle ground is the amount of text it takes for me to lose focus. This takes the shape of me going completely off topic on certain lines. While writing, I’ll reach a certain spot where I’m adding points that might be better off in their own post. That spot is here. Right now. I have more to say but I feel the time has come to exercise some restraint and cut this chain of thought off here.

Thanks for reading~


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