A Little Sketch Story: An Immortal Reunion

This is a little scene that came to mind as I put together a list of upcoming updates. I call it a sketch story to refer to how very rough and unrefined it is. A more appropriate term for this might be “vomit draft” but I really didn’t like the thought of invoking vomit imagery here. Plus, since it’s so short in length, “sketch” just felt more apt.

For this little scene, I was trying to imagine the kind of events that may occur at the End of the World. I originally imagined this story as a short comic. However, until I have time to actually draw it, here’s a tidied up version of what I wrote for it. Looking at it though, I think it might be fun to use some narratives like this as a way of experimenting with different types writing styles. For this draft, I forgot to mention that The World is slowly falling to pieces and floating off into space.

I’ll try to come up with an illustration or two for it later.

Now Presenting

A Sketch Story
Sketch Story: An Immortal Reunion
By Tables Mesa

In the future, long from now
near the beginning of the End of Orbyss.

There is a gathering.
All the Immortals of Orbyss
come together for the very first time
since the beginning of humanity.

Only One brings a friend.

All but one, they celebrate and rejoice.
Shaking hands, smiling, hugging. Laughing and reminiscing over the spectacular histories that they've lived,

"Finally, the end has come!"

Only One protests.

"But it isn't over yet!
The Mortals, they still live1
Even the end of the world itself isn't enough to end them.
Already, they prepare themselves for what'll come next!
I'm sure they'll survive this!"

But the other Immortals do not listen.
They dismiss all that he has to say.

"It's over already... Just let it go."

All at once, all light fades from their eyes.
All emotion, gone as they turn their gaze up towards the sky.

Quietly, they vanish in a blink.

Only One, horrified and confused, remains.

That’s it. That’s the sketch story.

I feel as though it’s worth noting that I didn’t know that “sketch story” is actually an already established term. Though, it’s probably worth noting that technically I may not be using it correctly. It’s probably fine though. The biggest mistake that anyone can make in writing is sticking too closely to “rules” and pedantry. Not that those things don’t have their strengths; but a writing like this doesn’t need to adhere to such a thing. The next time that I revisit this story, I think I actually will try writing it out as word vomit. Sometimes a writing is stronger or more impactful if you just let it flow uninhibited at first.

Thanks for reading~

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