Workspace Update: Progress, Pitfalls, More Progress

Hello Dear Readers~

I’m here today to ramble in with a very overdue progress report on the sorry state of my desk/work area. Normally this shouldn’t be super important except for the fact that I need my space to work on stuff. I’ll try to keep this entry short.

In my last post, I mentioned cleaning my desk off to make progress on some of the things I’m working on for Mage Punk Archives/Ches Star Shoppe and Banana Planet Co.. Since that update, I’ve managed to succeed at said cleaning. Twice.

Between an abysmally failed laser cut, work grinding me down to the bone, delays to the next comic, and a plethora of other personal issues that I don’t really want to dump on the internet, the state of my mental health has made it a challenge to keep my space nice and tidy.

For now, I’m focusing on getting back into gear and getting some serious work done. But also, rent went up last month so who knows how things are really gonna go. It’ll be tough but I won’t give up.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading~


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