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A Little Sneak Peek at “Mage Punk and the Final Flame!” Now in the Works

Between regular daily tasks, teaching myself UI/UX, and just being an adult in general, I’ve been taking the time to work on Mage Punk Archives in piecemeal here and there. I just wanted to take a quick moment to give you guys a little peek at the next comic that I’m working on.

Mage Punk and the Final Flame! Part 1

If you browse through the blog, you’ll find evidence of my trying to start this one years ago; then it never happened. At the time, I wanted Mage Punk to be this long, ongoing comic series; but I think maybe that was a little too ambitious for past-me. There’s a lot of story I want to tell; but I think it’s best if I tell it in shorter segments than originally planned. I also want these comics to read as their narratives that can be independent of the whole. Interstellar Mage Punk: Epilogue x Prologue was a way for me to experiment with said shorter format. Beginning with the end of the world is my way of saying that nothing in Mage Punk Archives is a spoiler; it’s all a part of one big story and now you know how it ends.

There’s already a lot of work that I did in the past for Mage Punk and the Final Flame; when it was being written as a longer project. Rather than being wasteful and abandoning it, I’m going to break it down into something more manageable. I do have to change a few things around so that it can standalone. as its own narrative.

Unfortunately, the amount of previously finished work combined with the new work I have to do would mean a much longer comic than the format I’m aiming for. To that end, I have to break Mage Punk and the Final Flame up into parts. If I can mange it, I’d like to keep it to just two parts but I can’t promise anything. The first part is going to be 12 pages long; the next part after could be as long as 16 pages depending on rewrites, but I don’t want to think that far ahead yet; lest I psyche myself out.

I’ll try to dedicate a future post to outlining the specific work that needs be done; complete with work-in-progress pics and examples of old work that needs redoing. As with Epilogue x Prologue, I’ll be holding off on posting any finished pages until they’re all complete. Until then, you can keep up with updates by subscribing to email notifications and following me and/or Mage Punk Archives on Twitter!