MPA’s Homepage isn’t living up to its full potential

In my previous post, I mentioned wanting to learn more about UI/UX Design. I’m actually in the process writing up another post on some it. The topic of that particular post is concerned with the overlaps between UI/UX design and graphic design as whole. It covers what I already know about design and how it can easily translate over to UI/UX. One thing that’s glaringly obvious as I study examples of good UI/UX design is that this site’s homepage is a mess.

In my humble defense, this website is built on a rather antiquated model of how most webcomic sites are designed. It’s something I’m definitely planning on addressing in the near future. Since my last post, I’ve made a few minor changes to the look of the site. For one I’ve changed how post titles look; added my gravatar and some non-menacing rounded corners. I’ve also decreased the number of blog pages on the homepage from 3 posts to only one; having a home page blog while there’s a perfectly good dedicated blog page just seems a little redundant.

It’s possible that I’m working with the hammer and chisel equivalent of modern web design tools; but I’m proud of the progress I’ve since beginning this site and everything I’ve learned so far. I’ve been messing around with site building since the dawn of Angelfire in some of the earlier days of the internet. I think this is as close to having a real hobby as I’m gonna get since playing Magic the Gathering in high school.

I’ve thought of taking this hobby to a more ridiculous levels by building satellite Mage Punk sites on other web builders. Maybe I’ll construct a whole site in Notepad using all the HTML and CSS I’ve learned until now.