Some New Art and a Quick Update

Hello all~

I just wanted to chime in real quick to say I’m still very much alive and working on stuff. I’ve created some art and put work into other things that aren’t yet ready to go out into cyber world; (But I’ll give you a little preview in this post~)

First, Some New Fan Art: The Eighth Holder of ONE FOR ALL; All Might!

I’ve been wanting to catch All Might in my style for a while now. I have strong feelings about the dichotomy of his two designs; and how they’re portrayed throughout the story of My Hero Academia. Eventually, I want to create a new piece that portrays Strong Might in the same mood and tone as Skele-Might.

Then, A Quick Look at the Things I’m Working On…

Finally finished the back cover; and and finishing inside back cover illustrations for Interstellar Mage Punk. While I was at it, I finished the inside front cover; I may go back and fill the rocks in.

I want to give my comics the feeling of being like short individual books. With that in mind, I think I should put something on the “insides” of my covers. Something similar to manga publishers put certain panel art for the filler pages they use to ensure chapter covers start on the correct side of the book. I guess that makes these one page comics?

Mage Punk and the Final Flame (part 1?)

I also went back and organized some earlier pages that I’ve already begun work on into separate shorter books. The goal, is to tell to tell the story in smaller chunks. I want each comic to stand on it’s own as an individual narrative while still being part of a larger sequence. For anyone who happens upon my site, I want their time here to be a small adventure for them. When I have far more stories up than I currently do, I want them to read my comic without feeling like they’re behind in some way.

Mage Punk and the Final Flame (part 2?)

To that end, I was originally gonna try to set stories to an eight page minimum; but it doesn’t feel like I can easily break this next part into smaller sections that can stand up well on their own in a satisfying way. At the time, I created this part of the story with the idea of trying to build up momentum for a larger story. Now, splitting it up into parts doesn’t feel right; so my goal here is to figure out how to gracefully slam the breaks on this one and bring it to a satisfying conclusion. This one’s probably going to take a while but I’ll keep you posted.

I created a Twitch avatar and some color variants commissioned by my best friend! Go check our her Twitch channel, RhiLimePie!

Also, I’ve revisited my old tumblr.

It’s not important, but if you wanna check it out, here is link.

That’s about it.

I have a few more small commissions to work on and then I can get to the other stuff. I’ve been having a lot of fun making the things that I have this year and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to make as much progress as I have despite everything that’s going on The most important thing is keeping up the momentum while trudging through the thick plagued jelly that is 2020. But I believe in us.