New Year’s Wishes from the Mage Punk Archives

If Mage Punk Archives is anything, it's an archive of humanity's potential.

An Archive Off-topic

I’m dreadfully aware that a lot of the stuff I blog about here isn’t very relevant to the themes of Mage Punk Archives as a whole. There’s a lot of me ranting into the void and not enough actual content. Some of that is due in part to my personal and work life; the struggle to keep a roof over my head makes creating the aforementioned content a bit difficult. Rather than virtually thinning myself out by posting on various platforms, I find it easier to stay focused by keeping everything I do in one archive. Unfortunately, this means the lines between my goals for this site, my personal life, and my professional life will need to stay blurred a little longer as I continue to navigate through life.

Tying it all together

Eventually, I’ll do my best to tie it all back into the themes of Mage Punk Archives; but I won’t make any promises. At the time of writing this post, I’m certain that I’m mainly chatting into the void by myself; but that’s okay! I want this site to continue as a learning experience for myself; and any curious souls that may one day find themselves clicking through and browsing the more pointless stuff that I’ve put up here.

I think one lesson that I want Mage Punk Archives to impart is that one never stops finding their voice. The World around us is ever changing and one way or another we ourselves change along with it. It’s important that we never quit striving to reach our Maximum Potential; the best way to achieve that is by always aiming to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Thank you kindly to anyone that has taken the time to read this or any other post on this site. I know the new decade of this millennium got off to a rough start; but every year, month, day is a new opportunity to make it incredible. There’s nothing humanity can’t achieve when it works together.

♥ Happy New Year ♥