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Wed Nes! A Look Inside the Smaller Sketchbook!

So! Until further notice, I’ll be queueing up one page from Big Sketchbook on Sundays (1 page for the 1st weekday) and four from Little Sketchbook on Wednesdays (4 pages for the 4th weekday).

I started drawing in this book near the end of 2017 but this is definitely my 2018/2019 book. You can catch my older sketchbooks here on every other Thursday.

The ice-breaker page! Nothing says don’t worry about it like some marker swatches and a doodle of everyone’s favorite ever-grinning and mischievous felidae.
My current marker selection.
Playing around with a very inky rolling ball pen. I considered resigning myself to filling any empty space in my sketchbook with a big crying Ches★.

Webs and Swatches and Look A Cat!

I used to use Copic markers for a while until I decided they weren’t really the marker for me. There are so many colors to choose from and I feel like I spend too much deliberating over what colors to choose. I don’t have that problem with Faber-Castell because their palette is much more selective than Copic so I can be more decisive while working on sketches.

Death and an Early Map of the Chaos Megalopolis.
Look! A Cat!
Death, made of Dust. Always wears a welcoming face.
The great walled megalopolis, Chaos City, and the land that surrounds it.

And here we are!

I actually drew that picture of Death last week to avert the shame of having a blank page when today rolled around. It was only supposed to be a quick doodle but I got carried away. But that’s just how drawing works sometimes.