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Wed NES: Mage Punk Ablaze

Back in the month of Halloween I attempted to participate in the age old tradition of Inktober. Of course, I failed miserably; but did I manage to eek out one or two worthwhile illustrations from the whole experience like the Inktober before.

I did three ink drawings and a number of ballpoint pen sketches until around the middle of the month rolled around. The themes I did in ink were Poisonus, Tranquil, Scorched, and Jolt. I’ll post Scorched and Jolt here on these last two Wed Nes days of good ol’ 2018. The last one I’ll put up sometime in January.

Today we have a look at a Fiery Mage Punk Jake for Scorched.


I drew this one and a leftover scrap with the intent of coming back to it to color it with inkwash. As fate would have it, I made many mistakes while working on him and used my Xacto knife to erase them all. I’ll color it in digitally and add it to the gallery later.
He's the shortest character and I drew him too big! I wanted more flame billowing up from his head. Boo!
I learned a lot while working on this. Very happy with how it turned out in the end.
I guess I also kinda sorta wanted the phrase "daddy" to come to mind.
I really wanted Jake to look like he was strong enough to punch through concrete.
Those flames! That X shaped scar is so cool! And his expression? Is it confusing enough?
I also really wanted Jake to look like he could melt through iron.

The preliminary sketch and some progress shots

I posted most, if not all of these, up on my Instagram stories as I was working on it.

My preliminary sketch. The goal here was “small but strong like fiery boulder”.
This was where I attempted to invoke forces of questionable origins in an attempt to make Jake as lit as possible.

All in All, Not Bad for one of the more unforgiving art mediums.

As for those ballpoint pen drawings, none of them actually count to me because pen and ink is a point of personal pride with me (as my top favorite medium).

Next week we’ll have a look at our best boy Olin, for Jolt, to cap out the year.