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Adding more customizability to the presentation for The Archives

For the sake of presentation, I’ve installed some plugins to give me a little more customizability on this site. One plugin gives me the ability to use custom headers on a per-post/page/chapter basis. After I installed the plugin, the main header on the site stopped working for some reason. The other plugin I installed lets me edit the CSS on individual pages so that each page can have its own look. I’m very fond of the idea of the site’s appearance changing depending on the context of the content displayed. My coworkers think that the way a work is presented should take a backseat to the content itself. However, I’m a firm believer that a good presentation can only increase the impact of the content shown.

Now, I need to figure out how to edit the Archives layout to look how I want it to. ComicPress’ archives shortcode only really allows for displaying comic archives as a list with a single thumbnail. For my comic, I want to display all the pages in a given chapter as a thumbnail gallery so readers can know which page is which at a cursory glance. Additionally, I need to create a child theme for the site. Assuming that doing so doesn’t undo any of my recent progress, this should help in facilitating a more customized presentation. I’ve also read that doing so helps prevent the loss of changes whenever a theme is updating which honestly sounds pretty important.

I also have to find a plugin that can give my site a good mobile device view. Jetpack has its own mobile view generator but it has compatibility issues with ComicPress. Aside from getting everything to look pretty, it’s also important to address any accessibility issues that arise. Hazards of working with a more dated theme I suppose.

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