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Broke the site, so now I gotta start over

Hello readers! I was tinkering around and accidentally broke the site. All my progress until now reverted to a backup from way back in March. Thankfully, it was mostly cosmetic changes between then and this little snafu. ComicPress is still functioning as intended and you can still read through whatever pages are currently posted. Unfortunately, I have to dive back in and redo a bunch of the CSS coding that I lost when it broke in the first place.

As I build the site, I’ll use this blog to log my progress. I’ll make notes of things that need to get done while also logging any updates and changes that I make. As a bonus, it’ll make for a fuller blog archive that I can style and arrange as I see fit. It’s not the most exciting in terms of blog content but that’s okay. I don’t really imagine future readers going back this far in the blog archives. Especially once it starts to become strings of these kinds of posts.

Right now I’m re-uploading image files and I’m going to plug them into their places from before. I’m also uploading some older comic pages to work out the comic posting, archiving, and navigation functions that ComicPress has to offer me. As a theme, I feel like it’s a very simplistic theme while still being highly customizable.

So far, the only things that I couldn’t get working again are the blog’s mobile view, and the comics archive page templates. The comic archive should be simple enough to get up and running again. However, I’m concerned that I might not be able to get a mobile view for the blog page working anytime soon. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I don’t break it again (I probably will).

Until then,

Stay Toasty!

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