First Page of the Mage Punk Archives is almost done!

I’ve spent far too much time on getting this site “looking good”. Now, I’m finally getting around to actually putting a comic up, working fervently to get the first page out. It’s primarily environments and I sorely underestimated how long it would take to draw all of it. Of course, in all my wisdom, I made the last minute decision to design a logo for the city that the first chapter takes place in. I have a terrible habit of making more work for myself as I’m working on something.

Sometimes, the setting of a story is as much of a character as the cast itself. I want the world these characters live in to feel as fleshed out and as full as possible. Every face on the street is a story untold. Whole worlds of experiences unique to each and every person. My current obsession is logos and symbols. I love the idea that everyone has a symbol to represent them in some way. So with that in mind, I designed that little gem of a seal up there. Fahrenopolis is home to the Final Flame; a guild that fights for true justice for the people.

That said, the first page is all drawn and inked

All I have left to do is lay down color and shading. I’s all making me strongly consider releasing this comic in black and white. I made a promise to myself to have it done in time for 7/7, but we’ll see how that goes. If all goes well, I should be able to get another page up near the end of next week before pausing another short while to get some things in order. I figure the least I could do is introduce you to our intrepid hero.

It’s 7/6 now, so assuming the order of numbers doesn’t change, see you tomorrow!

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