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Here’s a little progress report on the site

For now, it’s mainly minor things from my previous update that I’ve made progress on.

Thing’s I’ve made progress on:

  • Enabled Avatars for update posts. I’ll most likely not be posting alone in the future and this’ll make it easier to differentiate between myself and the other poster/s. I also think it just looks more visually appealing while scrolling down the site.
  • Added some padding in the site CSS so elements don’t seem so on edge.
  • Got the Comments Section to stop displaying an “Invalid Request Signature” error. It was some kind of conflict with Jetpack’s own Comments function.
    • Edited the CSS for Comments as well as changing the look of the default submit button.

Things that still need work:

  • Custom page and chapter headers.
    • Including a mini header for the blog/updates section of the home page.
  • Custom comic navigation buttons.
    • Also want to make the background behind this disappear.
  • A footer image.
  • A background for the site.
    • Additionally, “location” and chapter based backgrounds for comic pages.
    • I also need to make the background behind comic pages disappear.

New things that need work:

  • Individual Posts still try to display the Right Sidebar and are getting awkwardly pushed to the left as a result.
  • The Customization of the Social Media buttons that appear in the menubar.
    • Also, the Social Media buttons aren’t displaying properly in the Blog Archive page. Fixed!
  • I’d like for the Comic Blog Post to appear above the Blog/Updates section of the front page but the Comic Blog Post widget doesn’t seem to be working?
  • Thumbnails are still an issue. Fixed
  • Additionally, I may add some kind of illustration to the blog header on the front page to give it a little more visual appeal. I do love my little drawings.

Not too bad so far. It’s an unfortunate truth that finding problem areas is as much a part of progress as actually getting the work done. I do feel like it’s coming together though.

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated!

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